Coronavirus-19 G-net operations update

Yesterday our Governor, Brad Little, issued an order to self-isolate due to the ongoing Coronavirus-19 pandemic.

All non-essential businesses must close and their employees must stay at home for the next 21 days. Additionally, any work that can be performed remotely is highly encouraged.

We will remain open as we are considered an essential business for the functioning of telecommunications. We will be working to maintain isolation of 6ft from others, and we have increased sanitation practices such as frequent hand washing. In the event you are sick, we ask that you notify us before an appointment so we can take proper precautions and limit our exposure.


Many people have already been moving to a remote setup for their schooling and work.

Here at G-Net, we have worked to build a robust and stable network capable of maintaining the increased demand from these services.  We will still be available for questions, support and installation of new service.

We know that moving to a remote work situation is stressful. We want to provide any help you might need in making that process smoother. Many people have increased their usage of the internet with the kids at home, internet based healthcare, and remote work. If you have had any trouble it is likely that you need an increase of bandwidth to meet your increased demand. If so, we can usually do that with a simple phone call and 10 minutes of your time.

If you need increased upload capacity let us know as we will be doing case by case increases with no liability to you.


We know these are trying times and we want to help in this process as much as possible.


Here is a link to the Department of Health and Welfare’s release on the self-isolation order as well as a link to the Governor’s website for updates.


Again, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 208-245-4538 or if it is after normal business hours you can call 208-582-6672

Thank you,
The G-Net Team